2009, we established JIARONG FACTORY, there is a small factory with only 40 people in that time.


    2003, we established first BLAND “NAVIASOFA”. NAVIASOFA specialize in fabric sofa.  NAVIASOFA face to the young and middle-aged consumer groups, it was soon recognized by our customers. And at the same time, our new flagship store is opening in LOUVRE INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE EXPO CENTER.


    2004, we attended to the CHINA INTERNATION FURNITURE FAIR (CIFF), we started to export our products around the world.


    2005, we got the society and government support, to become a member of the GUANGDONG FURNITURE ACCOCIATION.


    2006, we moved to a new factory with 20,000 square meters, our employees grown up to 180 at the same time.


    2007, our new SHOWROOM and OFFICE was opened with 2000 square meters in FOSHAN FURNITURE CITY (near by Steel-Land).


    2009, we established a new hardware bland “MARTHYA HARDWARE”. MARTHYA completely coordinated with the production and sales of NAVIASOFA, to form the integration of living room furniture.


    2011, we established a new fabric sofa bland “KABINU”. KABINU is face to the young generation. He is fashion, energetic and advancing.


    2013, we grow up to a high level, “IWANT”. We have a qualitative leap after introduced IWANT bland; he is suitable for the individuation and enjoys high quality of life people. 


    2014, we are attending to the SHANGHAI INTERNATION FURNITURE FAIR in September 10-14.


    2015, we are moving to a new factory which can support our huge demand from the customer, and production capacity can promote to 1500 set of sofa per month.


    2016, we got a new name of our manufactory center, “FOSHAN ZHIBO FURNITURE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD”. 


    We always focus on the fabric sofa, 17 years experience let us grow up, and we never stop the pace of progress, as the only opportunity to cooperate with you.


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